Import the package and search for songs by a given artist:

import lyricsgenius
genius = lyricsgenius.Genius("my_client_access_token_here")
artist = genius.search_artist("Andy Shauf", max_songs=3, sort="title")

Search for a single song by the same artist:

song = genius.search_song("To You",

Add the song to the Artist object:


Save the artist’s songs to a JSON file:


There are various options configurable as parameters within the Genius class:

# Turn off status messages
genius.verbose = False

# Remove section headers (e.g. [Chorus]) from lyrics when searching
genius.remove_section_headers = True

# Include hits thought to be non-songs (e.g. track lists)
genius.skip_non_songs = False

# Exclude songs with these words in their title
genius.excluded_terms = ["(Remix)", "(Live)"]

You can also call the package from the command line:

export GENIUS_CLIENT_ACCESS_TOKEN="my_client_access_token_here"
python3 -m lyricsgenius --help

Search for and save lyrics to a given song:

python3 -m lyricsgenius song "Begin Again" "Andy Shauf" --save

Search for five songs by ‘The Beatles’ and save the lyrics:

python3 -m lyricsgenius artist "The Beatles" --max-songs 5 --save

There also examples under the docs of some methods.